Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.


We recognize that gender and youth play a critical role in peacebuilding. Sometimes this truth is ignored at the peril of the peacebuilders. We aspire to carry out gender and youth analysis and engagement . Our goal is to enhance gender mainstreaming and youth involvement in decision making, design, implementation of conflict prevention, sustainable peace-building and meaningful development.

The strategic issues we deal with include

  • • Exclusion of women and youth in decision making and peace-building activities
  • • Marginalization
  • • Drug and substance abuse
  • • Culture of violence in children · Youth restiveness
  • • Rising crime and criminality

We do this by

  • • Constructive engagement
  • • Capacity building
  • • Youth exchange programs
  • • Partnerships with relevant actors

What we hope to achieve by engaging this theme is to facilitate youth capacity development in vocational skills through partnership with relevant stakeholders in the seventeen Local Government Areas for economic sustainability.

We also hope to strengthen women and youth engagement in decision making processes and peace-building and increase the collaboration between farmers and herders on the use of land for farming and grazing.

Furthermore, we hope to enhance the partnership with relevant agencies to create an enabling environment for active women and youth participation in conflict prevention and peace building by and reduce the number of radicalized youth in Plateau State.