Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.


It is true in Plateau State as in most of Africa that the protracted conflict has the control, access, and distribution of natural resources and land as a major underlying issue. In over two decades of conflict, it has become increasingly clear that the issue of resource management must be central to the peacebuilding initiative.

The goal of the Plateau Peacebuilding Agency in this regard is to institutionalize a functional mechanism that ensures collaboration with stakeholders for the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources for the benefit of all stakeholders.

What we aim to achieve in numbers is

  • • To reduce the number of occurrences or outbreaks of natural resource-based conflicts in Plateau State by at least 60%.
  • •To amicably resolve and transform at least 60% of all natural resource-based conflicts in Plateau State.
  • • To increase the collaboration between farmers and herders on the use of land for farming and grazing.
  • • To ensure that at least 60% of all relevant stakeholders have rated the achievements of PPBA as positive.

The strategic issues to be studied and solved under this theme include

  • • Land disputes
  • • Mining rights and control
  • • Chieftaincy tussles
  • • Farmer-herders’ conflicts
  • • Boundary disputes
  • • Grazing routes
  • • Environmental degradation
  • • Climate change
  • • Media engagement
  • • Ethno-religious tension
  • • Inequitable distribution of natural resources

We engage this theme by

  • • Constructive engagement with stakeholders. Our stakeholders include women, men, youth, people with disabilities and marginalized groups amongst others. With the stakeholders, we conduct stock-taking, advocacy, multilevel dialogue and mediation, consultation and reconciliation.
  • • Media engagement and communication. As the fourth pillar of society, we engage the media whether social media, print, electronic or traditional as a partner.
  • • Advocacy role to relevant agencies on environmental impact assessment through writing and sharing policy briefs.
  • • Restrategising our existing blueprint since we understand that peacebuilding must remain a fluid activity.