Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Our Thematic Areas of Focus

Conflicts are like people with no two conflicts being exactly alike.. In Plateau State Peacebuilding Agency, we conscientiously study the conflict that has spawned over two decades by paying attention to the incidents, the triggers, outcomes and resolutions . We are proactively building peace in a society that finds itself in violent conflict fairly often and proffer solutions for the way forward. Because of our holistic approach, we are focusing on the six areas listed below.

Research Partnerships And Coordination

Peacebuilders rely on research as an important tool to enable them to study and understand conflict. It is also important to coordinate the various stakeholders to ensure the creation and sustenance of strategic partnerships.

By having research, coordination and partnership as an area of thematic focus, we aim to transition the state of negative to positive peace through sustained research, systematic documentation, robust coordination and strategic partnership.

Natural Resource Management

A frequently recurring reason for conflict in Plateau State has to do with the ownership and utilisation of natural resources. Our goal is to institutionalize a functional mechanism that ensures collaboration with stakeholders for sustainable and equitable use of natural resources for the benefit of all stakeholders in Plateau State. To learn more about our issues, methodology and objectives, click here.

Peace Education

To quote Paco Cascon, in the new century, learning to resolve conflicts in a just and non-violent way is a big challenge, and one that educators for peace cannot shirk" Our objective in peace education is to increase knowledge on the importance of peaceful coexistence and skills in addressing conflicts non-violently by the people of Plateau State. Find out the issues we have identified, what we intend to accomplish and our methodology by clicking here.

Gender And Youth Development

We recognize the need for peacebuilding activities and policies to understand and acknowledge the diverse communities in which they operate. As such, we aspire to carry out gender and youth analysis and engender peacebuilding . Our goal is to enhance gender mainstreaming and youth involvement in decision making, design, implementation of conflict prevention, sustainable peace-building and meaningful development. Click here for a deeper dive into this theme.

Post-Conflict Rehabilitation And Recovery

To effectively deal with the ravaging after-effects that conflict leaves in its wake, we carefully design our post-conflict activities to achieve our goal. We intend to establish a post-conflict response mechanism for reconciliation, rehabilitation and resettlement of people affected by violent conflicts in Plateau State. Find out more about our methods, objectives and the issues we have identified here.

Resource Mobilisation Strategy

Resolving conflicts and sustaining peace requires material, human, financial and even environmental resources. As managers of all, our goal is to be an agency that has harnessed human, material, and financial resources for effective implementation of peace-building activities.

We put together this and a lot more into our Roadmap to Peace which is available for download by clicking here.