Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.


Peacebuilders rely on research as an important tool to enable them to study and understand conflict. It is also important to coordinate the various stakeholders to ensure the creation and sustenance of strategic partnerships.

By having research, coordination and partnership as an area of thematic focus, we aim to transition the state of negative to positive peace through sustained research, systematic documentation, robust coordination and strategic partnership.

The Agency designs, coordinates and undertakes research studies that are relevant to the Agency’s mandate with the aim of providing information on policy (ies) as well generating policy briefs. We also develop and generate relevant content for the agency’s database.

Capacity building of staff and stakeholders is also one of the achievable goals of this area. We are resolute on remaining top notch when it comes to research in our practices, approaches and final results.

To learn about our Research, Coordination and Partnership Team, click here. To access current data and materials produced by the Agency, click here.

Strategic Issues we focus on include

  • • Land disputes
  • • Mining rights and control
  • • Farmer-herders’ conflicts
  • • Chieftaincy tussles
  • • Boundary disputes
  • • Grazing routes
  • • Environmental degradation
  • • Climate change
  • • Media engagement
  • • Inequitable distribution of natural resources


Institutionalize a functional mechanism that ensures collaboration with stakeholders for sustainable and equitable use of natural resources for the benefit of all stakeholders on the Plateau.


  • • Constructive engagement with stakeholders (women, youth, men, people with disabilities and marginalized groups). This calls for: stocktaking, advocacy, multilevel dialogue and mediation, consultation, reconciliation
  • • Media engagement and communication (social media, print and electronic)
  • • Advocacy role to relevant agencies on environmental impact assessment- policy briefs
  • • Re-strategizing


  • • To reduce the number (occurrences or outbreaks) of natural resource-based conflicts on the Plateau by 60% by 2022
  • • To amicably resolve and transform at least 60% of all natural resource-based conflicts on the Plateau by 2022
  • • To increase collaboration between farmers and herders on the use of land for farming and grazing by 2022.
  • • To ensure that at least 60% of all relevant stakeholders have rated the achievements of PPBA as positive by 2022