Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.


To effectively carry out the activities of peacebuilding, there is the need to be properly equipped with the resources, whether human, material or financial. From inception, Plateau Peacebuilding Agency has received a lot of goodwill and more recently, donations from local and international donors.

As a result, our goal is to be an agency that can mobilize and harness these human, material, and financial resources for effective implementation of peace-building activities.

How we do it

We strategically mobilize and utilize our resources to enable us to effectively carry out our work through one of these many ways.

  • • Donor mapping
  • • Proposal writing
  • • Establishment of Trust Fund
  • • Partnership with donor agencies
  • • Internship and volunteer programs
  • • Exchange programs
  • • Provision of consultancy services
  • • Budgetary allocation from the state government
  • • Publications and production to clients
  • • Goodwill donations received online or in person

Where we want to be

We have aspirations about where we want to be in future as regards resource mobilization. First, we aspire to develop relationships with at least 20 local and international donors with specific focus on funding peace building by 2018.

We also desire to source 70% of Plateau Peacebuilding Agency's budget from at least 15 donors by 2022. This would ensure that we are able to increase our scope and also prevent us from relying on a single source like a typical government agency.

By 2022, we also intend to source at least 30% of funding accruable from the Trust Fund to enhance credibility and implementation of Plateau Peacebuilding Agency's activities. Furthermore, through the provision of consultancy services in the area of research and trainings by 2022, we intend to raise 20% of the organization's budget from partners and clients.

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