Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Conflict and Attacks Details

Incident reports of conflict and attacks in Plateau State: This is a database that chronicles both conflict and security-related issues as they unfold across the 17 LGAs of Plateau State. Essentially, the database highlights the date, time, place and the incident’s trigger, as well as the attendant impact measured in terms of number of deaths, number of injured, number of displacement and property destroyed.
Date of Incident Time of Incident LGA District Type of Incident actor Place of Attack Conflict Trigger #Deaths #Injured Property Destroyed #IDPs Source Observation
2014-12-04 Jos North Hwolshe Stefanos Foundation (SF)
2015-02-11 Jos North Babale Stefanos Foundation (SF)
2015-02-25 Jos North Opposite Unijos Bauchi Road Motor cycle None Stefanos Foundation (SF)
2015-07-05 Jos North Jos and its immediate Environment Stefanos foundation(SF)
2015-07-07 Jos North Tudun Wada ECWA Gospel Stefanos foundation(SF)
2015-09-13 Jos North Tudun Wada ECWA Gospel 4 Stefanos foundation(SF)
2017-09-30 Choose LGA Rukuba Road Cultist activities Stefanos foundation(SF)
2017-10-13 & 17 Jos North Jos North LGC Security Desk
2017-10-23 Choose LGA Dong Jos North LGC Security Desk
2017-10-13 Jos North Dong/Mai Farin Motar Properties worth millions of naira Stefanos foundation(SF)
2017-12-30 Choose LGA Dong Village Stefanos foundation(SF)
2018-09-29 Choose LGA Rukuba Road Jos North LGC Security Desk
2018-03-17 Choose LGA Gwash and Zara Zong Clash between Gwash & Zara zong Jos North LGC Security Desk
2018-03-14 Jos North Mararaban Dare, Rafiki, Dong kasa and Dong Sama Started at Maraban Dare engulfed Rafiki, Dong kasa and Dong Sama Jos North LGC Security Desk
2019-04-03 Choose LGA Congo-Rusia The skirmishes between the soldiers and young people in the community because of girls and the case PPBA Research Desk
19/02/2014 Barkin Ladi Rapyen 13 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
21/02/2014 Barkin LGA 29 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
23/02/2014 Barkin Ladi 1 11 235 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
26/02/2014 Barkin Ladi Rakok and Razat 1 14 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
22/07/2014 Barkin Ladi 20 Stefanos Foundation (SF)