Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Conflict and Attacks Details

S/No Date of Incident Time LGA District Place of Attack Conflict/Incident Trigger Nummber
of Deaths
of Injured
Property Destroyed Number of IDPs Source
1 2014-12-04 Jos North Wholse Stefanos Foundation (SF)
2 2015-02-11 Jos North Babale Stefanos Foundation (SF)
3 2015-02-25 Jos North Opposite Unijos Bauchi Road Motor cycle None Stefanos Foundation (SF)
4 2015-07-05 Jos North Jos and its immediate Environment Stefanos foundation(SF)
5 2015-07-07 Jos North Tudun Wada ECWA Gospel Stefanos foundation(SF)
6 2015-09-13 Jos North Tudun Wada ECWA Gospel 4 Stefanos foundation(SF)
7 2017-09-14 Jos North Naraguta Commotion/Tension began at Naraguta Jos North LGC Security Desk
8 2017-09-30 Choose LGA Rukuba Road Cultist activities Stefanos foundation(SF)
9 2017-10-13 & 17 Jos North Jos North LGC Security Desk
10 2017-10-23 Choose LGA Dong Jos North LGC Security Desk
11 2017-10-13 Jos North Dong/Mai Farin Motar Properties worth millions of naira Stefanos foundation(SF)
12 2017-12-30 Choose LGA Dong Village Stefanos foundation(SF)
13 2018-09-29 Choose LGA Rukuba Road Jos North LGC Security Desk
14 2018-03-17 Choose LGA Gwash and Zara Zong Clash between Gwash & Zara zong Jos North LGC Security Desk
15 2018-03-14 Jos North Mararaban Dare, Rafiki, Dong kasa and Dong Sama Started at Maraban Dare engulfed Rafiki, Dong kasa and Dong Sama Jos North LGC Security Desk
16 2019-04-03 Choose LGA Congo-Rusia The skirmishes between the soldiers and young people in the community because of girls and the case PPBA Research Desk
17 19/02/2014 Barkin Ladi Rapyen 13 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
18 21/02/2014 Barkin LGA 29 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
19 23/02/2014 Barkin Ladi 1 11 235 Stefanos Foundation (SF)
20 26/02/2014 Barkin Ladi Rakok and Razat 1 14 Stefanos Foundation (SF)

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