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Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

President Buhari Launches the Plateau Roadmap To Peace

The 9th of March 2018 was a memorable day for the citizens of Plateau State and the staff of the Plateau Peacebuilding Agency. This was the day when President Muhammadu Buhari attended a town hall meeting at the Little Rayfield Government House where he launched The Plateau Roadmap to Peace.

The President commended the State Governor for uniting the people of the State and expressed his approval for the work of the Agency. “I have been monitoring the activities of the Plateau State Peace Building Agency. I am indeed quite impressed with the gains and successes recorded in the area of conflict management and peace building which has returned the state to the path of relative peace.”

The PPBA has in the last two years, implemented a number of conflict resolution interventions in communities across the Plateau State. As time went on, we deemed it important to assess the methodology of our interventions. We had not followed a specific plan of action but had rather acted based on specific needs assessments.

Thus, we saw the need to develop a strategic plan which will serve as a blueprint for conflict intervention and peacebuilding activities of the PPBA. Furthermore, this will also help to streamline the activities of all other organizations and stakeholders who work with us to deliver lasting and sustainable peace.

We understand that to create and sustain peace in Plateau State, there is a need to get this document into the hands of as many citizens as there are who intend to be a part of the peace process. You can download The Plateau Roadmap to Peace here.

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