Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Interfaith Team

Selma Dewal

Program assistant Interfaith

Bashir Salis Muhammad

Team Lead interfaith

The role of Interfaith Unit

Many of the conflicts that have developed in Plateau State have religious undertones. This is why the Interfaith Unit does very important work in the peacebuilding process.

The Interfaith Unit develops innovative programs and events that promote and transform interfaith relationships. They work with leaders of religious faiths in Plateau State to transcend religious divides and build an ethical, just and cohesive society.

This unit facilitates training that promotes awareness on emotional resilience and conflict dynamics for youths and community leaders. To develop positive inter-faith relations and engagements, the Interfaith Unit works collaboratively to plan, implement and execute activities that respond to self-identified needs of diverse faith communities through inter-faith leaders’ projects. They actively seek and develop strategic partnership to ensure the successful delivery of inter-faith projects to promote understanding, tolerance, trust and peaceful co-existence.

They support relevant social research and community associated processes and programs to increase interfaith understanding with regards to needs and challenges. They identify information for case studies and report on promising practices, preparing reports needed by the government.

By carrying out their duties, they support the development and implementation of government policies on inter-religious and associated matters in Plateau State.