Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Security Team

Simon Abunde


Mary Nimfa

Team Lead Security

Esther Tunkuyo


Danlami Buff


The role of Security Unit

As Nigeria in general and Plateau State in particular continues to fight insecurity due to insurgency and several other factors, the Security Unit in the Agency plays a vital role in our operations.

The unit is responsible for developing a responsive security plan which includes vulnerability and risk assessment of our office complex. The overarching goal is to improve the response capacity of the Agency on security exigencies through sustained awareness programs and engagements with partners and stakeholders at different levels. They also provide necessary information required to make informed decisions towards safeguarding the Agency, its workforce and other eligible dependents.

The security unit also serves as advisor to the Agency’s management on security related concerns. To enhance and increase the capacity of the security guards and all staff, the unit provides periodic orientation on safety and security measures. Furthermore, the unit develops an effective response mechanism to forestall any security breach

Security Unit Activities

The training availed PPBA staff of a broader perspective of personal security tips. Also, participants were able to learn other components of personal and organizational safety such as document security, Vetting, access control and physical security. A general overview of the existing basic threats to national security was discussed extensively to raise awareness of the participants. The aforementioned is to serve as a development of security plan for PPBA staff, which includes processes to capture potential security risks, react to, prevent and protect from danger, as contained in part of objective two of the PEACECORE project assigned to the security unit. Lastly and more importantly, implementing the recommendations will go a long way in ensuring general safety of PPBA, its staff as well as their families. The training was not published on the Agency’s social media platform due to its nature and the possible threats it might pose on participants Find attached copy of the keynote address for your perusal .

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