Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Mediation and Dialogue Team

Longvwam Nanribet Simon

Program assistant Mediation and Dialogue

Mohammed Aminu

Team Lead Mediation and Dialogue

The role of Mediation and Dialogue Unit

Mediation is a critical element in peacebuilding and thus, we have a team dedicated to mediation and dialogue.

The Mediation and Dialogue Unit plans and facilitates community dialogue and peacebuilding sessions. They define modalities and identify the dialogue tools to be used. They monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the process by developing questionnaires, feedback forms and writing reports based on the information gathered.

The Unit works closely with the Research Unit to conduct risk assessment of conflicts in affected communities. They map the conflict actors and develop action plans that address the issues involved.

They also interact closely with the stakeholders at community level; designing and conducting interactive sessions related to mediation and dialogue facilitation. Thus, they are responsible for planning and facilitating multi-stakeholder project events especially the monthly Plateau Peace Forum (P-PAF) meeting.

Finally, they contribute to drafting relevant sections of the peace agreement which is normally the outcome of the mediation process.