Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Strategic Communication Team

Patient Hoomsuk

Program Assistant Strategic Communication

Kenneth Dakop

Team Lead Strategic Communication

Shitnaan Parlong

Photography Officer

The role of Strategic Communication Unit

Communication is essential to what we do. Without effective communication, peacebuilding will not be possible. The Strategic Communication Unit focuses on effectively telling the story of the Agency to the public.

This Unit ensures that the milestones of all projects regarding strategic Communication are achieved. They are responsible for organizing press conferences, drafting press briefings and press releases. They support the design and implementation of communications and monitoring strategies for the PPBA. Also, this team designs and implements media campaigns for specific program activities that increase the Agency’s visibility.

The Unit coordinates the production of internal and external communications such as success stories, videos, photographs, newsletters, documentaries and social media content. They develop effective relations with media personnel, bloggers, donors, partners and the general public to promote the Agency’s visibility. This unit is responsible for content development and management of the Agency’s social media handles.

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