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A Three-Day Training For Plateau Peace Building Agency Staff on Computer Application Software

The Plateau Peace Building Agency (PPBA) with support from the GIZ (German International Cooperation) through the PEACECORE Project organized a 3-Day training for its Staff. The theme for the training: Strengthening the Capacity of Plateau Peace Building Agency Staff on the Use of Internet, Corel-draw, Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS for Better Service Delivery was held on the 16th -18th February 2022 at Crest Hotel and Gardens, Jos-Plateau State, Nigeria.

Since the establishment of the Plateau Peace Building Agency (PPBA) in 2016 as a state dedicated institutional framework for conflict prevention and Peacebuilding, the Agency is driven by a standard operational principle of building a robust capacity of the staff in the ICT spectrum to enable them to fit into the global world where most of the work is done electronically with the use of computer system.

The objective of the training is to further strengthen the capacity of the staff on the use of computer application software (Internet, Corel-draw, Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS) for better service delivery.

This is quite important because with the nature of the world now everything is being computerized.

The training simultaneously marked important milestones in the implementation of the GIZ PEACECORE Project in strengthening the capacity of the Plateau Peace Building Agency (PPBA) institutional structure.

Participants at the training were all PEACECORE Project staff of PPBA.

The training sessions were quite interactive with a series of computer-based practical sessions coordinated by the facilitator.

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