Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.


Conflict that is ignored often leads to manifested negative outcomes which invariably lead to loss. This is why the Plateau Peacebuilding Agency aims to design a robust post-conflict response mechanism established for reconciliation, rehabilitation and resettlement of people affected by violent conflicts in Plateau State.

The Agency handles strategic issues like disaster risk reduction, marginalization, displacement, return, resettlement and rehabilitation and trauma and trauma healing.

Our post-conflict Rehabilitation Methods

Our team is equipped to handle post-conflict resolution by using any or a combination of the following methods

  • • Multilevel dialogues with relevant stakeholders in affected communities
  • • Building the capacity of local leaders in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and communal mediation (step down)
  • • Youth exchange programs
  • • Stabilizing the traumatized victims of violence physically and emotionally
  • • Facilitating the return, resettlement, and reintegration of displaced person
  • • Advising relevant agencies to facilitate disarmament through carrot and stick approach
  • • Assessing the needs and gaps of post-conflict communities.

What we aim to achieve

We implement our methods with specific end goals in mind.

By engaging the affected communities, we work to ensure that traumatized victims of violence are physically and emotionally stabilized.

We also facilitate the resettlement and reintegration of displaced people and increase collaboration between farmers and herders on the use of land for farming and grazing. To ensure that this peace is lasting, we are advocates of value reorientation geared towards systemic disarmament.

Finally, we promote inter-agency collaboration and partnership with relevant stakeholders to prevent re-occurrence of violent conflicts.

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