Office of the Executive Governor,
Plateau State.

...towards a Plateau at Peace with itself and the rest of the world.

Our Mandate

Why are we here and what do we intend to achieve? We are a government agency but we strongly believe that peace is a goal we will only achieve if we are deliberate, focused and methodical in our pursuit.

Our seven-point mandate clearly states what we are here to achieve.

i. We coordinate conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions in Plateau State through collaborative approaches and credible partnership with non-state actors. We believe that the best way to prevent a conflict is to stop it before it starts. Hence, conflict prevention has a foremost place in what we do.

ii. We promote a culture of peace and harmonious co-existence among the diverse ethnic groups in Plateau State. We recognize that our ethnic diversity is a gift that has blessed us with an interesting mix of people, viewpoints and cultural outlook. As an agency, we are always looking out for how to celebrate our differences as well as how to co-exist in harmony with each other.

iii. We mitigate against conflict triggers and enablers through constant systematic dialogues with communities. The power of dialogue cannot be overemphasized. We believe that the best way to avert conflict is by constant inter-community dialogue. The agency provides necessary platforms for such dialogue to occur. Furthermore, trained staff use their competencies to ensure that the dialogue leads to the favourable outcomes we desire.

iv. We ensure coordination and cooperation between state and non-state actors working on peacebuilding interventions in Plateau State. Since the breakouts of violence in Plateau State, several actors have showed up in the field bringing in interventions to the people. Plateau Peacebuilding Agency encourages such actors to cooperate and collaborate and provides support for them to do so.

v. We facilitate constructive dialogues and mediation to strengthen reconciliation and communal harmony. When conflict happens between or within communities, we create safe spaces and forums where the factions can interact to proffer solutions and lasting peace.

vi. We ensure constant peace education engagements and sensitization. The place of education in the quest for peace is crucial. As a result, we educate about peace wherever, whenever and however we can.

vii. We research and formulate policies on peace and security issues within Plateau State. We believe that when policies are thoughtfully constructed, they are effective tools in tackling problems of conflict and ensuring lasting peace. We work closely with citizens and the government to create sturdy policies.